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The 5th Friction Stir Welding and Processing congress will be organized by Arts et Métiers Campus of Metz and Institut de Soudure.


Arts et Métiers is a French leading Institute of Technology that provides undergraduate and graduate education in 3 main fields: power engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering. It includes 8 education and research campuses (Paris, Angers, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Cluny, Châlon-en-Champagne, Lille and Metz) and 3 Institutes across France. With 15 research laboratories and 1 PhD program, Arts et Métiers develops teaching and research activities in five  strategic  fields:  Future  of  manufacturing,  Mobility,  Energy,  Health Technology and Construction. The expertise and research activities at Arts et Métiers cover the complete life cycle of a product: design, industrialization, maintenance, durability and product recycling.  

The Laboratory of design, manufacturing and control (in French : Laboratoire de conception fabrication commande), also known as the LCFC, is a French laboratory of research located in Metz. It is under the authority of Arts et Métiers ParisTech and University of Lorraine. The researches of LCFC has been involved with a number of different projects in manufacturing, engineering design and optimization, forging and assembly process modelling and control and robotic design and control. The  laboratory  includes  35  researchers,  2  office  managers  and  21  PhD students.

AMVALOR is an in house affiliate from the French Establishment of Higher Education and Research Arts et Métiers. It has been created in order to promote and enhance the research activities of the establishment. AMVALOR connects research and industry with partnerships between companies and laboratories building scientific research, experimental development and industrial means for academic training. Together with Arts et Métiers, they support the countrywide Carnot ARTS institute and offer multidisciplinary competences allowing to cover all the phases of the product manufacturing life-cycle.  

Profile of the Institut de Soudure Group

The Institut de Soudure Group has 27 centres in France and 10 abroad; it employs over 1,000 people and lends its expertise to the world of industry. Through its R&D platforms and its expertise, which has been renowned for over 100 years, the training it provides in its training centres and its two schools – ESSA and EAPS –, the Group caters to the welding branch and related controls. It provides innovative solutions to companies all over the world, during design, manufacture or maintenance of welded equipment and multi-materials assemblies, either metallic or composite. To ensure risk control in the world of industry and to guarantee product quality, it offers inspection and testing services as well as metallurgic expertise.



About FSWP’2017

The purpose of this conference is to facilitate the communication between specialists and industrial in various fields of friction stir welding and processing. There will be presentations concerning all the steps: from fundamental studies to applied aspects, from experimental to numerical research.

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Credits :  Stefan Meyer, Jennifer Fieutelot, Institut de Soudure, Moselle Tourisme, Jean-Claude Kanny, Ville de Metz